Canon USA: NAB 2017 Event On the EOS C700 & COMPACT-SERVO 70-200 T4.4 EF Lens

Canon USA with Peter Marr Technical Specialist On the EOS C700 and the Canon COMPACT-SERVO 70-200 T4.4 EF Lens all features and technical specifications available at this years NAB 2017 Event from the Canon Booth in Las … Read More

Canon Australia: “Canon Light Awards” Real Time Live Photography Competition

Canon Australia shows the Canon Light Awards a Real Time Live Photography competition from capitals across Australia, pushing creativity skills and techniques with multiple competition stages for the grand prize, a photography trip to Africa in the … Read More

Canon USA: NAB 2017 Event Canon Burbank Technology & Support Center

Canon USA On the Canon Burbank Facility Technology & Support Center available on a walk in basis with professional development seminars & workshops from July for on-going schedule of training for established industry professionals and aspiring filmmakers … Read More

Canon USA: NAB 2017 Event “Virtual Reality” On the EOS C300 Mark II

Canon USA with Radiant Images On the EOS C300 Mark II, REALiS Projectors & The Sense 9 a virtual reality rig built from Radiant Images for cinematic cameras to create VR/AR/360-degree content at this years NAB Read More

Canon USA: “Behind the Scenes” with Brent Ramsey On the DP-V2420 4K Reference Display

Canon USA with technical advisor Brent Ramsey and Russel Carpenter ASC On the DP-V1710, DP-V2420 and DP-3010 4K Reference Display’s, Brent Ramsey shows the features and technical specifications of the recently introduced 4K DP-V2420 Reference Display.… Read More

Canon Australia: “Show Us What’s Possible” An Open Brief for Personal Photography Projects

Canon Australia Shows what’s Possible for photographers, cinematographers and creative artists through a series of projects with artists Simon Harsent, Georges Antoni, Katie Milwright, Chris Searl and Petrina Hicks an open brief for personal … Read More

Canon Europe: World Press Photo Exhibition & Awards VR Gallery

Canon Europe Shows an exhibition VR gallery from the 2017 World Press Photo Awards in Amsterdam, with pictures showcased in the gallery from the winning photographers at this years event. All interviews and features available from the … Read More

Canon USA: Paul Santiago On the COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF Lens

Canon USA with Paul Santiago a wedding videographer on the COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF Lens, delivering a cinematic look and feel to video with an ability to be used ENG-style like a broadcast lens within a … Read More

Canon Australia: “Tales by Light” Season 2 Trailer

Canon Australia Shows Tales by Light Season 2 Trailer with Photographers Jonathan & Angela Scott, Eric Cheng, Stephen Dupont and Tales by Light creator Abraham Joffe. Explores the journey of four photographers across world … Read More

Canon USA: Canon Log Feature Upgrade For the EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon USA with Rudy Winston On the EOS 5D Mark IV Canon Log feature shows a cinematic look similar to what can be achieved using Cinema EOS cameras, the upgrade will be made available from july at … Read More