Canon: Morgan Spurlock “Inside Man” Behind the Scenes

Inside Man a Series shot using the EOS C300, David Vlasits explains how they implemented Technology within lighting settings shooting and general setups of the documentary.

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Best Of NAB 2014: News Shooter On the DEFY Gimbal Systems

Matt Allard For DEFY On the Gimbals Available the G5 and DEFY explain what go into their products from starting out exactly one year ago.

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Best of NAB 2014: Hive Lighting On the Bee Plasma Flood Light

Bee Plasma Flood the first “Open Face” Style Lighting Solution producing no heat and only using 275watts of power also featuring a Fully tunable color temperature (Kelvin) from 4600K – 7000K without any green/magenta shift.

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Best of NAB 2014: News Shooter On G-Technology and Vincent Laforet

Dan Chung Interviews Vincent Laforet On the New G-Technology:

Hardware RAID 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution

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Eric Kessler: “CineDrive” The Concept of Creation

Eric CineDrive and the Manufacturing Components and Innovation of Product Equipment available, the CinDrive is a multi-axis motion control system giving users Keyframe motion control to control time-lapse or stop-motion photography.

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News Shooter NAB 2014: Redrock Micro On New Equipment

Dan Chung Interviews NAB 2014 Event with New Equipment and the Redrock Micro.

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News Shooter NAB 2014: Letus On New Stabilizer Options

Matthew Allard and Dan Chung Interview AnamorphX Adapter.

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News Shooter NAB 2014: Tiffen On New Filters & Diffusion

Dan Chung Interviews from Tiffen On diffusion and filters available from various lines available from Via: Newsshooter

ZEISS NAB 2014: On the New Telephoto Lenses Available

Dan Chung from ZEISS On the new Telphoto Broadcast Lenses Available from ZEISS:

“The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200mm T/2.9 comprises all the features of a cine-style lens. Extra-long focus throw, constant T-stop of 2.9 across the entire … Read More

News Shooter NAB 2014: Panel Discussion “is DSLR Technology Dead?”

Matthew Allard from Hot Rod Cameras, Jem Schofield Wingrove TV and Clinton Harn Via: Teradek