Canon USA: “Cine Gear Expo 2017” On the EOS Cinema Line & Canon Los Angeles Burbank Facility

Canon USA from Los Angeles Cine Gear Expo 2017 Event shows the Canon Burbank Facility For Filmmakers, CPS Member support and repairs including Workshops from July 2017. Brent Ramsey on the Cinema EOS Line from the EOS Read More

Canon Suisse: Ulla Lohmann in the Azores from Mount Pico On the EOS M6

Canon Suisse with Photographer Ulla Lohmann an Adventure Photographer On the EOS M6 from Mount Pico in the Azores, Ulla Lohmann shows the Technology from the EOS M6 Dual Pixel CMOS AF with 24.2 Megapixel CMOS APS-C … Read More

Canon Asia: Alvin Choon “Shooting Street Portraits” On the EOS M5

Canon Asia “Shooting Street Portraits” with Alvin Choon a professional videographer On the EOS M5 spending a day capturing life on the streets with the 24-megapixel Dual Pixel APS-C CMOS Technology, Alvin Choon a commercial videographer with … Read More

World Press Photo: “2017 Photo Contest” Winning Images in Partnership Worldwide with Canon

World Press Photo Shows this years Winning Images from 2017 Photo Contest 60th Annual Event with 80,408 Images and 5,034 photographers from 126 different countries on Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, General News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, People, Sports … Read More

Canon Australia: Exploring the Top End with Outback Wrangler Matt Wright “Down Under From Above”

Canon Australia with Matt Wright a helicopter Pilot and Outback Wrangler in the northern territories of Australia, shows an aerial perspective on the EOS 5D Mark IV from the diverse range of dangerous animals including crocodiles, wild … Read More

Canon USA: EOS M Series Technology On the EOS M10, EOS M6 & EOS M5

Canon USA with a series of videos on the EOS M Series Technology from the EOS M10, EOS M6 and EOS M5 including EF-M Lens System and Wi-Fi features available for Apple and Android smartphones & … Read More

Canon USA: On Auto Focus, Dual Pixel Autofocus, Color Gamut & Broadcast Lens Technology

Canon USA On Technology for photography and cinematography from Auto Focus, Dual Pixel Autofocus, Color Gamut and Broadcast Lenses. Each Individual Video contains the Technology innovation from the latest Canon products from sensor technology, color gamut … Read More

Canon Australia: VIVID Sydney In 360° “Freedom of Movement”

Canon Australia and VIVID Sydney Shows a Timelapse in a 360° video from Sydney Australia with the “Freedom of Movement”, “Inside the Canon HQ”, “Memory Frames” and “Tidal” at this years Light, Music and Ideas VIVID SydneyRead More

Radiant Images: Cine Gear Expo 2017 Alex Sax On the EOS C300 Mark II “Sense 9 Rig”

Radiant Images with Alex Sax from Canon USA On the EOS C300 Mark II Sense 9 Rig a VR system for 360 image capture with seven EOS C300 Mark II’s, designed to remove the complexity from … Read More

Tangerine Films: “Lifestyle Product Film” On the EOS 77D

Tangerine Films a UK Creative Production Company On the EOS 77D Shows a “Lifestyle Product Film” with Canon UK. Tangerine Films a team of directors, producers and musicians with clients ranging from Jaguar, Rolls RoyceRead More