Canon USA: EOS 1DX Mark II Still Photo & Video Improvements

Canon USA On the EOS 1DX Mark II Photo & Video Technology Available, advisor Brent Ramsey shows the video options 4K capture, movie Frames Per Second, resolutions, JPEG frame grabs, Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus. Rudy Winston explains … Read More

Canon USA: Body Builders On the CS100 Connect Station

Canon USA Body Builders on the CS100 Connect Station photo storage for the EOS consumer, demonstrating in a unique marketing video the specification up to “1 TB of wirelessly accessible storage with the capacity for approximately 150,000 … Read More

Christian Als: “NOW I AM A REFUGEE” the European Refugee Crisis

Christian Als a Danish Photographer shows the refugee crisis in Europe with more than 800,000 refugees and rising who make the crossing into Europe through Greece. “Maze Farouk” a migrant tells his story from Damascus to Holland … Read More

Teradek: How Not to Waste a Dime On Your Independent Film

Teradek at this years Sundance 2016 Festival with Eve Cohen Cinematographer, Mark Polish Filmaker, Ryan Koo No Film School and Eric Johnson VP of Sound Engagement Trailblazers Studios On independent film making, budgeting, script writing, locations and … Read More

Canon Global: Abraham Joffe & Eddie Keogh On the EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon Global with Abraham Joffe and Eddie Keogh On the EOS 1D X Mark II Features and Video, Stills capability in the field, including other features and specifications available in the EOS 1DX Mark II from Canon Read More

Nicolaus Wegner: “Stormscapes 3” Blue Marbles Fascinating Weather Systems

Nicolaus Wegner a Landscape Photographer based in Wyoming. Shows “Stormscapes” an elemental experience across weather systems located in northern plains of the USA with a variety of supercells, crepuscular rays, rotating storms and forms of lighting including … Read More

Vincent Laforet: “JAWS” On the New EOS 1D X Mark II

Vincent Laforet On the New EOS 1D X Mark II shooting over 8000 frames on the wave “Jaws” a Surf Break in Peahi Hawaii, Vincent gives his experience with the EOS 1D X Mark II in Maui … Read More

Canon USA: “Freedom” On the New EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon USA Shows the New EOS 1D X Mark II with in 4K resolution demonstrating Auto-Focus with one man operation on focus pulls setup via touchscreen control, High-Speed continuos shooting up to 14fps, Live-View shooting frames up … Read More

Michael Shainblum: Our World is a Beautiful Place

Michael Shainblum a Timelapse Photographer and Filmmaker shows a Time lapse taken over California, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Utah during a road trip chasing storms, with work featured and published in National Geographic, Huffington Post and … Read More

Peter Lik: Documentary On His Photography Origins

Peter Lik On his Origins and how he was able to make photography his dream and profession in America, Lik with over 300 Awards for his fine art photography and 13 Galleries across the United States Peter Read More