Canon Australia: Season Two “Tales by Light” What Makes a Good Photograph

Canon Australia and National Geographic Shows Season Two Trailer and asks “What Makes a Good Photograph”, with Photographers Jonathan & Angela Scott, Eric Cheng and Stephen Dupont. Series One currently available on Netflix following Photographers … Read More

Canon Australia: “Journey” Canon Light Awards with Abraham Joffe

Abraham Joffe and Canon Australia On the Canon Light Awards Journey, Joffe the producer of Tales by Light Shows the top 3 winning Images Compact, EOS DSLR and EOS Full Frame for the Canon Light AwardsRead More

Untitled Film Works: Season 2 “Tales by Light” Extended Trailer

Untitled Film Works Shows the New Series Tales by Light Season 2 with Photographers Jonathan & Angela Scott, Eric Cheng and Stephen Dupont, Season 1 shown on Netflix features Art Wolfe, Peter Eastway, … Read More

Canon Netherlands: Ulla Lohmann “Volcanoes of Vanuatu” On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Ulla Lohmann Photojournalist and Expedition Photographer in the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu on the EOS 5D Mark IV Technology, covering Volcanoes from the 82 islands making up the archipelago of the Pacific Vanuatu Islands. Ulla shows … Read More

Canon USA: Jem Schofield On “Video Journalism” Canon Digital Learning Center

Canon USA and Contributor Jem Schofield On Video Journalism Features for the Canon Digital Learning Center recording functions and adjustments for the XA25/20 professional camcorder including WiFi Playback preparing automatic upload via tablet for Youtube or FacebookRead More

Germain Lalot: Future Generations “MySon” On the EOS 1D X Mark II

Germain Lalot a French based Director shows a Film On the EOS 5D Mark II from the Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, Lalot a former musician and sound engineer specialises in creative visuals and story … Read More

Vincent Laforet: Aerials “Election Night” Over New York City

Vincent Laforet On the Election Night Over New York for the CNN Network, Laforet shows Aerials of the City shot live for CNN from the only civilian helicopter allowed over the City before the 2016 US Election. … Read More

Canon Japan: Tao Tajima “ITSUKA NO HOSHI” On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon Japan and Tao Tajima a Filmmaker based in Tokyo On the EOS 5D Mark IV shooting 4K with the 60p function, Tao Tajima shows parallels between the past and present with imaginary Architecture, TANGRAM a film … Read More

Canon Australia: Dr. Chris Brown “Travel Series” On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Dr. Chris Brown and Canon Australia with TV and Australian Veterinarian presenter On the EOS 5D Mark IV, shows a Travel Series and shares photography tips when telling the story out and about through different locations, conditions … Read More

SKYGLOW: “Union Lullaby” On the EOS 5DS R & EOS 5D Mark IV

Harun Mehmedinovic and the SKYGLOW Project On the EOS 5DS R & EOS 5D Mark IV Shows the remnants of the 1851 to 1891 American Civil War, Fort Union located approximately 110 miles away from Sante Fe … Read More