Even/Odd: Happy Birthday Project “Philando Castile”

Even/Odd and The Guardian show the tragic series of events leading to Philando Castiles shooting on July 6th for a broken taillight, seen via Facebook Live his closest friends and family remember the day he would have … Read More

Brent Ramsey & Rudy Winston: Introducing Video and Still Functions On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Brent Ramsey & Rudy Winston on the EOS 5D Mark IV functions including 4K still frame grabs, Focus Control, Timelapse features and Frame Rates including recording card specifications. Rudy Winston shows the still function technology with Diffraction … Read More

Canon Explorers of Light: Bruce Dorn & Lindsay Adler On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon Explorers Of Light Bruce Dorn and Lindsay Adler On the New EOS 5D Mark IV Technology available in a behind the scenes for Bruce Dorns “The Search for Secret Waters” and Lindsay Adlers “Fashion IV Ward”. … Read More

Michael Shainblum: “Among the Ancients” California Timelapse in 4K

Michael Shainblum a Californian filmaker and photographer shows the Eastern Sierra Mountain Range in vivid colour over the natural landscape of the Californian desert and night sky, Michael Shainblum with over 9 years experience for corporates and … Read More

Untitled Images: “Kingdom of the Ice Bear” Polar Wildlife Expedition

Untitled Images and Abraham Joffe an Australian Cinematographer on polar wildlife with Joshua Holko Photography encountering the polar bear population within the Artic Circle, Abraham Joffe productions include Tales by Light a documentary on the most extreme … Read More

Skyglow Project: Light Pollution On the EOS 5DSR & Mark III

Skyglow Project a project by Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan on the dangers of light pollution across North America with a loss of over 2 billion dollars a year, animal migratory patterns effected and human health the … Read More

Michael Fletcher: “The Midnight Sun” On the EOS C300 Mark II

Michael Fletcher On the EOS C300 Mark II in Nordland Norway Lofoten Islands with constant daylight and just outside the artic circle has one of the largest positive temperature anomalies in the world, Michael Fletcher an Australian … Read More

Students On Ice: Arctic Polar Expedition On Global Sustainability

Students on Ice Arctic Expedition was established in 2000 a foundation internationally recognised as a pioneer and leader of Polar Expedition, Zac Turgeon shows the Artic expedition and region with the students taking part in the global … Read More

Martin Ureta: “The Ethiopian Wolf” On the EOS 1D X Mark II

Martin Ureta On the EOS 1DX Mark II with a production series on the Ethiopian Wolf a threatened species reduced to a handful of mountain ranges existing within Africa, The Ethiopian Wolf is the first episode within … Read More

Canon Explorers Of Light: On Photography and Editorial Publications

Canon Explorers Of Light On editorial and photography across International publications and published imagery worldwide including contributors Tyler Stableford, Sam Abell, Sandy Puc, Eddie Tapp, Parish Kohanim, Denis Reggie, Clay BlackmoreRead More