Canon UK: “Canon Live Stage” Clive Booth, Lara Jade, Andy Rouse and Tina Eisen

Canon UK on the Canon Live Stage at The Photography Show in the United Kingdom with Clive Booth, Andy Rouse, Lara Jade and Tina Eisen on Fashion, Wildlife and Portrait Photography with tips and techniques … Read More

Helvetia By Night: “Swiss Alps” On Four EOS 6D’s in 360°

Helvetia By Night a 360° Panoramic of the Swiss Alps Christian Mülhauser a Swiss based filmmaker uses four EOS 6D’s to create a 360° view and time-lapse over the Swiss Alps, with a total of 55’000 images … Read More

Canon UK: “London Underground” EOS 30th Anniversary Celebration

Canon UK On the EOS 30th Anniversary Celebration in Londons Underground Aldwych Tube Station opened by Canon UK for the Electro Optical System 30th “EOS” Anniversary with up to 80 million EOS cameras now world wide, including … Read More

Brett Danton: On the EOS C700 with Jaguar Land Rover and Canon Australia

Brett Danton in conjunction with Canon Australia and Jaguar Land Rover On the EOS C700, Danton a director and visual photographer shoots some of the World’s most iconic brands in stills and motion for more than 20 … Read More

Canon Australia: Bondi Beach “Down Under From Above” with Eugene Tan

Canon Australia and Eugene Tan captures Sydneys iconic Bondi Beach from the air, spending the last 10 years covering the beaches of Sydneys coast from the air beginning from an aerial trip for Christmas. Eugene now covers … Read More

Canon Australia: Canon Collective Canberra Festival 2016

Canon Australia Shows the Canon Collective Festival 2016 from Canberra with 20 Photography Events over 3 days from Australias capital, Events can be booked including Canon Collective at Enlighten, Enlighten Night Photography Walk, Farmers Market Photography Walk, … Read More

Michael Shainblum: “Symphony of Light” On the EOS 6D

Michael Shainblum from the Hawaiian Island of Kauai On the EOS 6D, Shainblum a photographer and filmmaker shows the relationship between light and shadow over the geologically oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands in a showcase exploring … Read More

Canon Australia: “Reflect” Portrait Photography From Another Point Of View

Canon Australia getting personal with self portraits with three professional photographers on reflections of self portrait photography, the camera unknowingly turned on themselves they go onto answering their subjects questions and explore their answers on their own … Read More

Canon Explorers Of Light: Joyce Tenneson & Onne van der Wal

Canon Explorers Of Light introduce Professional Photographers Onne van der Wal a Nautical Photographer & Joyce Tenneson a Portrait Photographer discuss their careers in photography and passion for taking pictures, including their professional achievements through various images … Read More

Mike Oblinski: “Mist and Water” On the EOS 5DS R

Mike Oblinski Shows “Mist and Water” On the EOS 5DS R exploring mountains, waterfalls and the coast of Oregon from Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood and Ecola State Park. Oblinski a Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Arizona … Read More