Riku Karjalainen: “Finland” A Timelapse Journey Through Nature

Riku Karjalainen a Time Lapse Photographer Shows a project in Finland during a 8500 kilometer road trip, being able to touch people through nature is Karjalainens focus over a journey through the Finnish Landscape while fulfilling a … Read More

Robert Mentov: Syrian Refugee Crisis “Trapped in Transition”

Robert Mentov a Canadian Film Maker on the Syrian Refugee Crisis “Trapped in Transition”, with over 1 million now displaced in Lebanon, Mentov shows a story from the people behind media statistics who have been effected by … Read More

Vincent Urban: In D.R. Congo “The Story Of A Solar Fridge”

Vincent Urban a Filmaker On the “Story Of a Solar Fridge” Shot on the EOS 5D Mark III in the D.R. Congo, Urban accompanies Medair a relief organisation reaching people for in remote locations bringing relief. The … Read More

Canon Europe: EF Lens EOS C300 Mark II Mount Conversion Service


Canon Europe Announce a EF Lens Mount Conversion Service from the original 4K Digital Cinema Mount to the EF Mount with Cinema Lock or even a PL Mount. Available either in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy … Read More

FreeFly Systems: ALTA Multi Rotor Aerial Platform Drone

FreeFly Systems On the ALTA a Multi Rotor Aerial Platform Drone mounting a camera either on the top or bottom of the Drone the first in its class and able to break down into 33% of its … Read More

Canon Global: 80 Millionth EOS SLR Produced World Wide


Canon Announces the Production of 80 millionth EOS SLR “The EOS 5DS R”, beginning production in 1987 the EOS “Electro Optical System” is also the name of the Greek goddess of dawn, since the rapid succession of … Read More

Live Unbound: “Above All Else” On the life of a Californian Skydiver

Live Unbound an organisation dedicated to unlocking the human potential inside everybody shows a skydiving documentary “Above All Else”. On the life of a Californian skydiver before it goes all wrong costing 16 lives, and surviving to … Read More

Canon USA: Canon Professional Services at the 2015 Photo Plus Event

Canon Professional Services explain the setup and service at this years PhotoPlus Event, with discounted equipment and evaluation available including on site support with 24/7 phone and email, the service can back imaging professionals up over … Read More

Shane Hurlbut ASC: Illumination Experience Masterclass

Shane Hurlbut ASC On a Masterclass with the principles behind, manipulation, lighting and filmmaking available on Vimeo, Hurlbut shows the techniques behind scenes and the manipulation of light to deliver convincing marketable story telling into film … Read More

Canon: Announce The New 4K CJ20ex7.8B UHD Broadcast Lens


Canon USA Announce the CJ20ex7.8B 4K UHD Broadcast Lens for Broadcast Production, Featuring a focal length range of 7.8-156mm and a built in 2x extender, maintaining high 4K Resolution and contrast from the center of the screen … Read More